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Key To Your Happiness 

Born out of a desire to create a simpler, more pleasant, and more accessible spa experience, Covana brings you much more than a regular hot tub cover. In less than 30 seconds, your Covana cover can transform into a modern, luxurious gazebo or pergola, protecting you from bad weather and giving you the comfort and intimacy you need. Never again will you struggle with opening a heavy cover, the Covana system allows you to access your hot tub quickly and effortlessly. Designed to open and close at the turn of a key, your automated cover can be safely and fully locked, ensuring you control and peace of mind.


Made in Canada using sustainable, high-quality materials, our products are designed to endure the most rigorous climates while saving you money on heating bills and maintenance products. The Covana system’s durability guarantees you comfortable, hassle-free, year-round use of your hot tub.

Designed and built by the Canimex Group, Covana’s unique automatization system is the result of a collaborative effort between several of our divisions and partners. Since its creation, Covana has evolved into a trusted brand thanks to its ability to bring safety, comfort and elegance to your backyard.

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Performance Generator


Triumph is in reach with the Covana Legend, the automated cover that helps you get the most out of your workouts. In addition to providing easy access to your swim spa, the Legend protects you at all times from the elements, so you can keep your body and mind focused on boosting your potential and achieving your goals. This environment is designed to eliminate any barrier to your success.

SPACE SAVING Unlike traditional spa covers that often take up too much space, the Covana Legend has been smartly designed to maximize your personal space. Rediscover the pleasure of your swim spa in an uncluttered environment that’s sleeker and more welcoming than ever

HASSLE-FREE BATTERY-POWERED OPTION The battery-powered Legend complies with North American, European, Australian and New Zealand standards, offering a practical, space-saving solution. The reliable battery powers the cover with ease with no electrical installation required.

QUIET OPERATION Enjoy quiet operation, the most discreet in the entire Covana range. With its exclusive geared motor and electronic circuit board, the Covana Legend cover gently rises and lowers for a welcoming and calming experience.

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Your Own Private Sanctuary


The flagship of our line, the Covana Oasis enhances your spa experience by immersing you in a world of relaxation. Its sloping roof protects you as it limits accumulations, while its ambient lighting warmly envelops you in an atmosphere that is as captivating as it is relaxing. Experience memorable moments, far from prying eyes, stress and bad weather

INTEGRATED AMBIENT LIGHTING The Covana Oasis features a multi-option LED lighting system. The colours can flow smoothly together to create a soothing space or come alive for a more dynamic and festive ambiance.

INCREASED PRIVACY Discover our selection of shades designed especially for the Covana Oasis. Choose from different levels of opacity and enjoy your hot tub in complete privacy.

SLOPED ROOF The natural slope of the Covana Oasis reduces water and snow accumulation for greater peace of mind

Comfort Reinvented


Innovation meets simplicity with the Covana Evolution. While its flat roof seduces with a modern, refined aesthetic, its main asset is the ingenious modular design that allows it to be adjusted for most spa configurations. Brilliant for its versatility and functional elegance, the Evolution offers optimal relaxation without fuss nor compromise.

The Covana Evolution’s straight, uncluttered shape gives it an air of modernity. The product integrates easily into a variety of layouts and is especially suited to contemporarystyle properties.

VERSATILE FORMAT The Covana Evolution is distinguished by its modular design. It’s equally suitable for round, rectangular and square spas.

INCREASED PRIVACY Discover our selection of shades designed especially for the Covana Evolution. Choose from different levels of opacity and enjoy your hot tub in complete privacy

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