Great discounts available on our biggest selling Jacuzzi Stock Spas.  Selected stock available immediately, with huge savings due to our bulk buying ability.

 Finance available on all models.  


  J335IP –  RRP £10,999.00 Sale Price £ 9,999.00   Click for Spa Information

  J365IP  –  RRP £12,999.00 Sale Price £11,999.00   Click for Spa Information 

  J385IP  –  RRP £13,749.00 Sale Price £12,999.00   Click for Spa Information

  J465IP  –  RRP £15,499.00 Sale Price £13,999.00   Click for Spa Information

  J495IP  –  RRP £18,999.00 Sale Price £16,999.00   Click for Spa Information 


Prices shown are for spa purchase only, all spa’s are subject to a standard delivery/installation charge of £540-£650 (depending on model)  T & C’s apply 

These offers do not work in conjunction with any other sales offer.


Gazebo and Enclosure Offers

Valencia 10 x10

10ft x 10ft Valencia In Retractable Sun Shade

Now only £1250.00 – RRP £ 1899.00  A saving of  £849.00


Tamihi 11x11

Enclosure – Tamihi  11ft x 11ft  Inc Cedar Shack Roof, Soft Screen windows, Single Aluminium Door

Now Only £2900.00 – RRP £4499.00 A saving of £1599.00


Enclosure – Chilliwack   11ft x 14ft inc Cedar Shack Roof, Soft Screen Windows, Single Aluminium Door.

Now only £3750.00 – RRP £5599.00  A saving of £1849.00



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Showroom Display Model Offer

    J335IP  Midnight Driftwood             RRP £10,999.00           Sale Price £10,500.00       Click for Brochure Images

  J355IP  Platinum, Roast Chestnut           RRP £12,499.00      Sale Price £11,999.00     Click for Brochure Images 

J385IP  Silver Pearl, Teak            RRP £13,749.00      Sale Price £12,999.00        Click for Brochure Image 

delivery charges vary on destination from Freedom Leisure showroom

does not work in conjunction with any other sales offer.



Dimension 1 Arena Spa – RRP £9,999.00   Sale Price £5,500.00


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