The AquaFIT System has been designed to improve the quality of life for both you and your family. A swim spa gives you all the health benefits that swimming offers but requires far less space to achieve this aim.

The ability to exercise in a safe, clean and comforting atmosphere at home can energise and give you a vitality to enjoy life. Exercising in water is ideal for those suffering from arthritis, joint problems, sports or other injuries. All AquaFIT models feature the patented Optimounts™ which when combined with HydroSport® equipment transforms a swim spa into an extremely versatile gym. The advanced oxygen based cleansing system has been designed to ensure perfect water conditions at all times.

The DuraTex shell, which is used in all AquaFIT models, is the most durable shell on the market today. The steel frame construction and 100% foam insulation means enhanced structural integrity and lower operating costs.