J300 range

Jacuzzi® Hot tubs Buyers Guide

Every hot tub in the J300 series has been modernised and updated. Performance has been enhanced with new jets to improve hydromassage and an innovative control system to make usage even simpler. New colours have also been introduced as part of an aesthetic makeover.

A key feature of the renewed J300 series is the new PowerPro™ Therapy Seat. The positioning and power of the jets in this new design result in a more effective hydromassage for the back and lumbar region where key nerve centres are located. An increased number of jets across the whole range, particularly in the lounge seated models, ensures that the whole body receives an in-depth massage. From the neck and shoulders, to the legs and feet, every area is stimulated by a rotating jet to relieve tension and increase wellness.

Several of the models from this range are on display at our showroom which is conveniently located for Greater London. We are open 7 days a week so why not come down and take a look for yourself.